What is Particl?

Particl is a multipurpose privacy platform based on blockchain technology.

It provides its own GUI, which can host various applications. Its purpose is to give people the opportunity to communicate, exchange and trade in a secure, private and decentralized environment without the need of a bank account and without any body, institution or government interfering or disabling this platform.

PART Coin - the currency

Particl dApps

Decentralized Applications utilizing the Particl Framework to integrate into the Particl Platform

  • Particl Marketplace - The first dApp for Particl Platform developed by the Core Team of Particl Project.

3rd Party Hub

Ability to integrate 3rd party applications into Particl GUI

Communications System

  • End to end encrypted messaging

Self Governance through Consensus Voting

  • Stakeholders of the Particl Currency PART determine about the system and its development

Escrow System - Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD)

  • Decentralized & Trust-less
  • Is used in the Particl Marketplace to give trading partners a certain degree of security


Gives developers a toolset adding their own applications into the Particl Platform while benefit from its superior user experience, security and privacy.


  • Applications built on Particl Platform will benefit from this. Finally any payment with any currency made on the Platform will be automatically converted into PART Coins.


  • Particl Platform does not limit itself to one decentralized data storage protocol, but rather makes it extensible and easy to integrate various different protocols at the same time, and let the user choose which one he prefers using.
Whereby it makes it an ideal platform for in need of private sphere e-commerce. But it is not limited to that. A long list of usecases comes into consideration.

Developers have the ability to access ready-made resources to develop their own software and enhancements (more precisely: dapps) based on the tools and solutions available in Particl. Privacy, security and anonymity are central aspects that apply here. If developers are using these tools they utilize the so called Particl Framework.

Take a deep dive into Particl with reading the Particl in-depth presentation.

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