What is Particl

Particl is an independent and democratic economy supported by a privacy-focused open-source platform built on blockchain technology and designed to work with almost any cryptocurrency.

It is currently composed of three main components:

Particl Platform

The Particl Platform allows anyone to use and build highly secure decentralized applications that possess industry-leading privacy and security parameters. The Particl team puts a heavy focus on usability and user experience. By making any Dapp that is built on Particl Platform as pretty and smooth as known market-leading products Particl gets a real shot at acquiring mainstream to non-crypto users. Any Dapp on the Particl Platform utilizes the PART Coin for processing transactions regardless of which currency payments will be made.

Find in-depth information about Particl Platform on its dedicated wiki page.


PART is Particl’s native coin and has several use cases on the Particl Platform. It is a coin with a particularly strong economic model compared to most cryptocurrencies and is designed to generate demand by usage of any Particl Dapp. PART is a top-tier privacy coin, a voting right, a fuel for the Particl Platform, a potential source of passive income, and has great scalability parameters, meaning it can manage big amounts of transactions at the same time without getting slower, and do so without requiring any sort of compromise on decentralization or security.

Find in-depth information about PART Coin on its dedicated wiki page.

Particl Marketplace

This Dapp, which is currently in its Beta stage and available on public testnet, is a decentralized marketplace that allows anyone in the world to buy, sell, and trade goods and services with anyone else, anywhere, at near-zero fees and in complete privacy. Particl is controlled by no centralized service and it cannot be shut down by any entity. By combining blockchain and P2P technologies, the Particl team has been able to solve two of the biggest outstanding problems in the eCommerce industries: high fees and data security.

Find in-depth information about Particl Marketplace on its dedicated wiki page.