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-# How to upgrade Particl Core on Raspberry Pi+# How to upgrade Particl Core on an ARM build (Raspberry Pi, Pine64, etc)
 [[https://​particl.io|Particl]] comes with ARM build, which allows it to run on Pi. [[https://​particl.io|Particl]] comes with ARM build, which allows it to run on Pi.
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 ## Related articles ## Related articles
-- [Introduction & overview of available commands](particl-cli) 
 - **Create new wallet** - **Create new wallet**
-  - [on Raspberry Pi](generate_new_wallet_cli)+  - [on ARM builds (Raspberry Pi, Pine64, etc)](generate_new_wallet_cli)
 - **Restore existing wallet** - **Restore existing wallet**
   - [on Raspberry Pi](particl_on_raspberry_pi)   - [on Raspberry Pi](particl_on_raspberry_pi)
   - [on Pine64](particl_on_pine64)   - [on Pine64](particl_on_pine64)
 - **Upgrading your wallet** - **Upgrading your wallet**
-  - [on Pine64](upgrading_particl_on_pine64)+  - [on ARM builds (Raspberry Pi, Pine64, etc)](upgrading_particl_on_raspberry_pi)