How to upgrade Particl Core on an ARM build (Raspberry Pi, Pine64, etc)

Particl comes with ARM build, which allows it to run on Pi.

First we need to backup and stop the existing wallet running on your Pi:

Navigate to the existing bin(aries).

$ cd particl- (or whatever your previous build is running)

You should now backup your current wallet (current example creates a backup file newbackup.dat in the /root folder):

$ ./particl-cli backupwallet "/root/new-backup.dat"

Stop the current Particl Core Deamon:

$ ./particl-cli stop

Now we need to download latest wallet (for ARM architecture - particl-<version>-arm-linux-gnueabihf.tar.gz).

The current latest version (28th of October 2017) is <version> = thus the download link becomes:

$ wget

Then we have to extract the content

$ tar xvf particl-

Navigate to the bin(aries).

$ cd particl-

You can the run the daemon:

$ ./particld -daemon -reindex

Now that you've upgraded and started the new client, you must wait for the block re-sync to complete, this can take a couple of minutes depending on your connection.

Once your wallet has synced you can unlock it for staking only.

Start the following command, but add a SPACE infront of it that way your password won't be saved to your command history (another security measure):

$  ./particl-cli walletpassphrase "<your long passphrase>" 0 true

Few notes:

  • if your passphrase contain spaces, be sure to wrap the whole passphrase “in quotes”
  • 0 is number of seconds for which the wallet should be unlocked (0 = forever)
  • true at the end is for “staking only”

Then make another backup, just in case:

$ ./particl-cli backupwallet "/root/new-upgraded-wallet.dat"

Eg.: for saving your wallet.dat in the home directory, you would enter ./particl-cli backupwallet ~/particl-backup.dat