Particl Core (Qt)

Particl Core is a Qt-based wallet with advanced features focused on stability

Particl Core is more lightweight than Particl Desktop, offers some advanced features like Coin Control and compatibility with hardware wallets.

However it acts like a wallet only, so you won't have access to Particl Open Marketplace.

Browse & compare Particl Core's features with other available wallets.

Please note that even though some of these steps are optional/recommended, it is highly advised to follow all of them as it secures your funds from being lost.
  1. Download the latest release
  2. Recommended Verify the downloaded archive (to make sure you haven't downloaded bad client, e.g. infected with malware)
  3. Launch the client – double click particl-qt (in bin/ directory)
  4. Follow instruction in app to create a new wallet
  5. Warning Make absolutely sure to properly backup your Recovery Phrase safely (digital backups are not recommended)
  6. Encrypt your wallet with a secure passphrase – click on the lock icon in the status bar (bottom right)
  7. Backup your wallet – see Backup & Restore wallet guide