Here's a collection of answers and solutions to frequent problems you might encounter. If you can't find your problem here, get in touch with the community in the help-rooms on Discord, Telegram or Riot. Find them here Community Discussions.

Particl Clients are a network based software. Make sure that no firewall or anti-virus software is blocking Particl from running or connecting the internet. In doubt disable them for testing purposes and enable them afterwards if you have identified your “problem”.

Are you having trouble synchronizing latest blocks?

Reindex blockchain

Relaunch the client with -reindex flag

  • Linux
    • Particl Desktop: in app directory ./particl-desktop -reindex
    • Particl Qt: in app directory ./particl-qt -reindex
  • macOS
    • Particl Desktop: FIXME
    • Particl Qt: FIXME
  • Windows
    • Particl Desktop: FIXME
    • Particl Qt: FIXME

Hard time connecting to peers?

Clear banned peers

Open Console

  • Particl Desktop: click on the black terminal icon in top right
  • Particl Qt: Help > Debug window > Console tab

Enter clearbanned, [Enter] and restart app

Find peers from scratch

Delete your peers.dat file in Particl directory. This will force the app to find new connections to peers.

See Staking → How to Stake.

Why am I getting no new coins, I have staking enabled and stake since X hours/days/weeks?

The Staking reward depends on your total amount of coins.

Typically 30 PART will get you 1 stake (1.5 PART) a year. Network is inflating 5% in the first year.

  • 360 PART = 1 per month @5%
  • 1560 PART = 1 per week

Stakes are granted in chunks of roughly 1.5 PART each. So depending on your total holdings it may take some time until you get rewarded.

Check the Staking Online Calculator to determine your staked amounts.

Starting from scratch