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Fixing syncing issues

Are you having trouble synchronizing latest blocks?

Particl wallets are a network-based software. Make sure that no firewall or anti-virus software is blocking Particl from running or connecting the internet. If in doubt, disable them for testing purposes and enable them afterwards if you have identified your problem.

Update to latest version

Make sure you’re running on latest version.

If not, update your wallet.

Reindex blockchain

Relaunch the client with -reindex flag:


  • Particl Desktop: FIXME
  • Particl Core: FIXME


  • Particl Desktop: launch via / -reindex on actual Particl Desktop binary
  • Particl Core: FIXME


  • Particl Desktop: launch wallet via ./particl-desktop -reindex in app directory
  • Particl Core: launch wallet via ./particl-qt -reindex in app directory