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Knowledge base for all the tutorials, howtos and in-depth explanations for Particl Project, the privacy-focused cryptocurrency & platform.

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Particl Wiki is split into four thematic sections – informative Learn articles, Tutorials with guides and howto's, Help & Support when things break and you need assistance and finally Dev docs with technical documentation for developers.

  • Learn
    Discover Particl and its features
  • Dev docs
    Technical documentation for developers

All pages that still need some love:


  • Getting started with Particl Desktop - initial download, setup, backup & restore
  • Staking on DSD with Partyman
  • Running testing builds & providing feedback
  • Running development version of Particl Desktop
  • Accepting PART in your shop


  • FAQ
  • Deleting all data and installing from scratch
  • Syncing issues
  • No peers
  • Market
    • Can't post listings
    • Can't proceed with order

Dev docs

  • Open Market Protocol
  • particl-cli commands
  • (3rd-party) APIs - available data, call limits, ..
    • Insight
    • Coinmarketcap
    • Coingecko
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