Particl Qt

Particl Qt is suitable for everyone and highly recommended for beginners, as it's feature-rich, user-friendly and easy to setup. Download latest release, double-click Particl executable (in bin/ directory) and you're done!

Particl Qt

Particl Qt Feature
:YES: Opensource
:YES: Send/receive (public) PART coins
:YES: Send/receive (private) Blind and Anon tokens
:YES: Staking
:YES: Signing/verifying of messages
:YES: Advanced wallet management, coin control
:NO: Multisignature
:YES: HD Wallet
:NO: Multiple Wallets
:NO: Support Fiat Currencies
Win/macOS/Linux Platform

Here are basic steps to get started using Particl-Qt.

Please note that even though some of these steps are optional/recommended, it is highly advised to follow all of them as it secures your funds from being lost.

  1. Download the latest release
  2. Recommended: Verify the downloaded archive (to make sure you haven't downloaded bad client, e.g. infected with malware)
  3. Launch the client – double click particl-qt (in bin/ directory)
  4. Encrypt your wallet with a secure passphrase
  5. Backup your wallet to a secure place (USB, external drive etc.) – this is especially important, as wallet.dat contains private keys to your coins. If you lose it as well as your mnemonic seed, you'll lose access to your coins!