Particl Copay

Copay is a secure particl wallet platform for both desktop and mobile devices.

Particl Copay Feature
:YES: Opensource
:YES: Send/receive (public) PART coins
:NO: Send/receive (private) Blind and Anon tokens
:NO: Staking
:NO: Signing/verifying of messages
:NO: Advanced wallet management, coin control
:YES: Multisignature
:YES: HD Wallet
:NO: Multiple Wallets
:NO: Support Fiat Currencies
Win/macOS/Linux/Android Platform

Copay Launch Screen Copay Launch Screen

Create Wallet Create Wallet

Manage Wallets Manage Wallets

Copay Receive Copay Receive

Copay Send Copay Send

Backup Wallet Backup Wallet

Shared Wallets Shared Wallets

Video tutorial on how to install and optionally restore wallet created elsewhere (eg. Genesis wallet or wallets created in Particl Qt etc.)