Particl clients

Particl comes in four forms:

  • Particl (GUI) – beautiful, feature-rich client (in development | released on testnet)
  • Particl Qt – user-friendly client with graphic interface, focused on stability
  • Particl-cli – command-line interface client
  • Particl Copay - a user-friendly Multisignature HD wallet

You can use whichever you like, but they all differ in terms of features and use cases.

Generally speaking, you'll want to use Particl GUI/Qt on your main computer, Particl-cli on servers or dedicated staking devices and Particl Copay on a mobile device.

Particl Qt Particl Qt

Particl CLI Particl CLI

Particl CLI Particl Copay

Particl GUI Particl Qt Particl-cli Particl Copay Feature
FIXME :YES: :YES: :YES: Opensource
FIXME :YES: :YES: :YES: Send/receive (public) PART coins
FIXME :YES: :YES: :NO: Send/receive (private) Blind and Anon tokens
FIXME :YES: :YES: :NO: Staking
FIXME :YES: :YES: :NO: Signing/verifying of messages
FIXME :YES: :NO: :NO: Advanced wallet management, coin control
FIXME :YES: :YES: :YES: Multisignature
FIXME :NO: :NO: :YES: Multiple Wallets
FIXME :NO: :NO: :YES: Support Fiat Currencies
Win/macOS/Linux Win/macOS/Linux/Android Platform

When you install Particl client, its associated files are in two locations.

One contains all the executable files (particl-qt.exe on Windows etc.) - this is where you downloaded the client. Its location doesn't affect functionality of Particl and you can move it as you please.

However, the most important files are located elsewhere:

OS Path to directory
Windows C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\Particl
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/Particl
Linux ~/.particl

In this location all the essential files of your wallet and Particl blockchain are stored. Let's have a look at them and describe what the most important do:

  • wallet.dat - this is the most important file regarding your wallet. It contains the private keys to your coins. Simply put, this is where your funds are “stored”.