Particl clients

Particl comes in four forms:

  • Particl Desktop – Particl’s main graphical wallet. While it does not currently contain all Particl features as it is still in development, it will eventually do. This wallet is intended to be the centerpiece and default wallet of the Particl platform.
  • Particl Qt – Basic qt-based graphical wallet focused on stability. Contains most currency transaction features, including coin control, but excludes more advanced features like multisig, multi-wallet, the marketplace, Dapps, etc.
  • Particl-cli – Command-line interface client. Contains all Particl features, but has no graphical user interface. It is mostly used for staking (especially cold staking) and testing, and is mostly recommended for advanced users.
  • Particl Copay - Android mobile wallet containing basic currency features only (public send, public receive, store). It does, however, allow for the very easy use of multisig addresses which is a feature unavailable on both Particl Desktop and Particl-Qt
  • Ledger Wallet - Ledger Wallet is a hardware wallet, a special type of cryptocurrency wallet which stores the user's private keys in a secure hardware device. They have major advantages over standard software wallets: private keys are stored in a protected area of a microcontroller, and cannot be transferred out of the device in plaintext. That means your funds are safe even when connected to an infected or malicious computer or a phishing/scam web page. For these reasons, we highly recommend users to protect their funds by setting up a Ledger Wallet.

Particl Desktop Particl Desktop

Particl Qt Particl Qt

Particl CLI Particl CLI

Particl CLI Particl Copay

Particl Desktop Particl Qt Particl-cli Particl Copay Ledger Feature
:YES: :YES: :YES: :YES: :YES: Opensource
:YES: :YES: :YES: :YES: :YES: Send/receive (public) PART coins
:YES: :YES: :YES: :NO: :NO: Send/receive (private) Blind and Anon tokens
:YES: :YES: :YES: :NO: :YES: Staking
:YES: :YES: :YES: :NO: :YES: Signing/verifying of messages
:YES: :YES: :YES: :NO: :YES: Advanced wallet management, coin control
:NO: :NO: :YES: :YES: :YES: Multisignature
:YES: :YES: :YES: :YES: :YES: HD Wallet
:YES: :NO: :NO: :YES: :YES: Multiple Wallets

When you install Particl client, its associated files are in two locations.

One contains all the executable files (particl-qt.exe on Windows etc.) - this is where you downloaded the client. Its location doesn't affect functionality of Particl and you can move it as you please.

However, the most important files are located elsewhere:

OS Path to directory
Windows %AppData%\Particl
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/Particl
Linux ~/.particl

In this location all the essential files of your wallet and Particl blockchain are stored. Let's have a look at them and describe what the most important do:

  • wallet.dat - this is the most important file regarding your wallet. It contains the private keys to your coins. Simply put, this is where your funds are “stored”. It is recommended that you back this file up as an additional security measure. If your wallet is encrypted, so will be your wallet.dat file.