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 * Hit [WINDOWS]+[R] Key * Hit [WINDOWS]+[R] Key
-* Enter `cmd.exe`+* Enter `cmd.exe` ​into the command-line
 * Enter these two lines into the command-line ​ * Enter these two lines into the command-line ​
   * `move %Appdata%/​Particl %Appdata%/​Particl-old`  ​   * `move %Appdata%/​Particl %Appdata%/​Particl-old`  ​
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 * Open Particl-desktop.exe * Open Particl-desktop.exe
 +<WRAP center round important>​
 +Be sure to have no whitespaces in front of your commands in the command-line if you copy and paste them. Otherwise you face a syntax error.