Installation of Particl Desktop on Windows

  • Download the latest Version of Particl Desktop for Windows with this link
  • Choose the file in 99% of all cases
  • Extract the downloaded file into your preferred destination
  • Open the extracted folder and start particl-desktop.exe
  • It may appear a question from Microsoft Defender Smart Screen. You must hit “additional information” to allow Particl Desktop getting executed.

  • Once the Particl Desktop started initially it will download the latest Particl Deamon Software
  • After the Particl Deamon downloaded itself completely it may be needed to restart the Particl Desktop Software to activate the Deamon

  • Now the Microsoft Defender Firewall is asking to grant access Particl Deamon for incoming connections. This is a crucial step and you must grant it. Otherwise Particl cannot connect to the Particl Blockchain.

  • Now the Particl Blockchain will be downloaded. You can push this to the background

  • You are ready to go and the installation process went successful. Now start your tasks as you need them

Good to know

File structure

Folder paths can be copy and pasted as they are into the Windows Explorer path bar.

%Appdata% is a shortcut to C:\Users\<logged in username>\AppData\Roaming\ and works under any recent Windows Version.

  • Particl chain data and wallets folder be careful%Appdata%/Particl
  • Particl Desktop, Particl Deamon, Preferences folder%Appdata%/particl-desktop

The wallet.dat file within %Appdata%/Particl folder contains the keys to your wallet. If you encrypt your wallet the file is encrypted accordingly. Make always a copy of this file in any case.

Start from scratch

If you have problems starting Particl Desktop and you only see a moving bar and in the bottom left corner no Particl Deamon version number is shown, you can start from scratch by closing the Particl Desktop Application and rename the folders:

  • Hit [WINDOWS]+[R] Key
  • Enter cmd.exe into the command-line
  • Enter these two lines into the command-line
    • move %Appdata%/Particl %Appdata%/Particl-old
      move %Appdata%/particl-desktop %Appdata%/particl-desktop-old
  • Open Particl-desktop.exe

Be sure to have no whitespaces in front of your commands in the command-line if you copy and paste them. Otherwise you face a syntax error.