Installation of Particl Desktop on MacOS

This process is at the moment the way it works but it is not the final stage. When we have the ideal solution no configuration should be necessary at all. So recognise this as a temporary workaround.

  • Download the latest Version of Particl Desktop for MacOS with this link
  • Choose the file
  • If you open the file it gets automatically extracted and the file appears. Do not open it!
  • Copy this file into your “Applications” Folder
  • Open the “System Preferences” ([CMD]+[SPACE] and enter System…)
  • Go to the Security & Privacy section and make sure that in the General tab “App Store and identified developers” is set.
  • Go to the Firewall tab and open the “Firewall Options”
  • Add to the allowed applications
  • Open now from the “Spotlight Search” with ([CMD]+[SPACE] and enter Particl…) and allow the app to open

  • Once the Particl Desktop started initially it will download the latest Particl Deamon Software
  • After the Particl Deamon downloaded itself completely it is at the moment needed to restart the Particl Desktop Software to activate the Deamon. Kill the by pressing [CMD]+[Q] twice (make sure you have the focus on the App, otherwise you close other programs ;-)). Open it again like how you learned it above.
  • Now the Firewall asks if you want to allow particld to accept incoming connections. Of course you want that
  • Congratulations! Now wait! At the moment there is a known issue with Particl Desktop for Mac in version 1.3.0 that it can take up to 20 minutes until the blockchain is completely in sync. Wait for that before you restore or create a new wallet.

Good to know

File structure

To navigate as quick as possible to a certain destination use the shortcut [CMD]+[SHIFT]+[G] while the “Finder” App is in focus.

~/ is a shortcut to /users/<logged in username> and works under any MacOS Version.

  • Particl chain data and wallets folder be careful~/Library/Application Support/Particl
  • Particl Desktop, Particl Deamon, Preferences folder~/Library/Application Support/particl-desktop

The wallet.dat file within ~/Library/Application Support/Particl folder contains the keys to your wallet. If you encrypt your wallet the file is encrypted accordingly. Make always a copy of this file in any case.

Start from scratch

If you have problems starting Particl Desktop and you only see a moving bar and in the bottom left corner no Particl Deamon version number is shown, you can start from scratch by closing the Particl Desktop Application and rename the folders:

  • Open the “Terminal App” from the “Spotlight Search” with ([CMD]+[SPACE] and enter Terminal…)
  • Enter these two lines into the terminal
    • mv ~/Library/Application Support/Particl ~/Library/Application Support/Particl-old
      mv ~/Library/Application Support/particl-desktop ~/Library/Application Support/particl-desktop-old
  • Open the “Particl Desktop App” from the “Spotlight Search” with ([CMD]+[SPACE] and enter Particl…)