Particl wallets

Particl comes in many forms. Every wallet offers different set of features – choosing one depends on your needs

You can use one or all of them, it's up to you.

Particl Desktop is a recommended wallet for most users as it offers the best of Particl's features, including Particl Open Marketplace.


Main, desktop wallets for Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Particl Desktop
    Main, feature-rich wallet for Particl with all bells and whistles
  • Particl Core (Qt)
    Qt-based wallet focused on stability and advanced features


Mobile wallets for Android and iOS
  • Particl Copay
    Mobile & desktop wallet with multi-sig for increased security


Compatible hardware wallets for usage with Particl Core
  • Ledger
    Ledger wallets (Nano S/X)
  • Trezor
    Trezor wallets (One/T)


Advanced cli wallets for servers and dedicated staking devices (DSD)
  • Partyman
    Utility for easier management of your staking nodes
  • Particl-cli
    Command-line interface wallet recommended for advanced users

Overview of Particl wallets with supported features:

Feature Particl Desktop Particl Qt Particl-cli Particl Copay Ledger
Opensource & Free to use :YES: :YES: :YES: :YES: :YES:
Send/receive Public coins :YES: :YES: :YES: :YES: :YES:
Send/receive Blind & Anon (Private) tokens :YES: :YES: :YES: :NO: :NO:
Staking (standalone) :YES: :YES: :YES: :NO: :NO:
Cold staking (via Pool or DSD) :YES: :YES: :YES: :YES: :YES:
Access to Particl Open Marketplace :YES: :NO: :NO: :NO: :NO:
Signing/verifying of messages :YES: :YES: :YES: :NO: :YES:
Advanced wallet management :YES: :YES: :YES: :NO: :YES:
Coin control :NO: :YES: :YES: :NO: :NO:
Multisignature :NO: :NO: :YES: :YES: :YES:
HD Wallet :YES: :YES: :YES: :YES: :YES:
Multiple Wallets :YES: :YES: :NO: :YES: :YES:
Creating and voting on Community Proposals :YES: :NO: :NO: :NO: :NO:
Support for fiat currencies :NO: :NO: :NO: :YES: :NO:
Available for -