Private markets

Private Markets ("Bubbles") are independent markets generated and controlled by users

They are not accessible from the public interface of the Open Marketplace. The only way to access them is by entering their unique Market ID in the Particl Desktop client.

The Market ID is only known to the person that initially generated the private market and to the people he shared it with. While private markets aren’t part of the first mainnet version of the Open Marketplace, they will be implemented during the Beta phase of development. They each will have their own group chat where users can communicate with each other. They are, in a sense, sub-communities.

Private Listings

Private Listings are not publicly available on the Open Marketplace and live inside private markets. They can only be accessed by first connecting to a private market, thus benefiting from an extra layer of privacy. These listings are ideal for one-to-one deals, sub-communities, and for when vendors want to sell items but not have them show up on the public interface of the marketplace.