All about Particl Open Marketplace

  • Particl Open Marketplace ★ Important Particl's Open Marketplace is a decentralized marketplace built with privacy at its core – it offers a low-cost, secure and scalable e-commerce experience
  • MAD Escrow About Particl Marketplace's 2-party escrow mechanism for resolving disputes
  • Marketplace fees Fees associated with usage of Open Marketplace
  • Orders
  • Community governance As a fully decentralized solution, Particl's Open Marketplace doesn't rely on hired moderators to keep its content clean
  • Private markets Private Markets ("Bubbles") are independent markets generated and controlled by users
  • Currency agnosticism Particl's vision is not one of tribalism – fact, the Open Marketplace is designed in such a way that almost any coin can be easily integrated as a form of payment
  • Data Storage Network (DSN) Data Storage Networks are used on Particl to store any data (i.e. marketplace-related data such as images) off-chain
  • Secure Messaging (SMSG) The DSN used to store data off-chain is also used as the messaging protocol for the marketplace
  • Open Market Protocol (OMP) Particl's Open Marketplace is based on the Open Market Protocol developed by Particl developer Kewde