How to validate SHA256 checksums of official releases

While compiling from source is the recommended and most secure way to build the Particl platform, the team realizes this is an advanced technique that a large number of users aren't comfortable with. For most users, each release is distributed with source code and pre-compiled distributions for Windows, Mac & Linux.

To ensure the highest level of security, the Particl Project team provides sha256sums for all of these releases. Each checksum is a hash of the download file that verify nothing has been added or taken away either in-transit or by a third party. By using sha256 encryption with these sums every computer will generate the same hash unless the file has been compromised, which in response, will generate a different hash.

It is recommended to always validate the Particl build releases with the provided sha256sums.

Most Linux distributions come with the sha256sum.

Beginner Hint – only copy code after “$”

$ cd Downloads ~/Downloads
$ wget
  • Run sha256sum on downloaded file:
~/Downloads$ sha256sum particl-
sha256sum hash result: 5545cb7f2364ab773f3228ea1f0283fd389cc2ea43a886eb27d114f96ac54762

Compare sha256sum of downloaded file to official file

5545cb7f2364ab773f3228ea1f0283fd389cc2ea43a886eb27d114f96ac54762 particl-

Ensure both checksums are identical before installing software!

There are a number of hash generators online, this tutorial will highlight Hash Online Convert:

  • Download preferred Particl release from GitHub e.g. Windows client
  • Find “Or upload and generate a SHA-256 checksum of a file:” section
  • Select “Choose File” button
  • Find downloaded Particl release file
  • Select “Open” button
  • Select “Convert file” button
  • Hash converter: File gets submitted to the website and loads a new page showing “Your hash has been successfully generated.” This page shows the hash of the uploaded file in a variety of hash outputs; hex, HEX, h:e:x & base64 – value to look for: hex

Compare sha256sum of downloaded file to official file


Ensure both checksums are identical before installing software!

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