Issues on Github

This small tutorial shows you how to create issues on GitHub for Particl Project.

  1. Register on
  2. Go to the right location
  3. Hit the green “New issue” Button.
  4. Fill the form with your information.
  5. Hit “Submit new issue” Button.

DONE! -Easy as that.


When a bug is found or new feature/suggestion proposed, the new issue gets created. Our repo has a predefined issue template to help you started with that.

  • For each case create a separate issue.
  • Explain things as precise as you can.
  • If you propose something, have arguments why it will be beneficial to the Particl Project and all of its users. But keep always the bigger picture in mind.

Always keep the Issue's title short and descriptive!


  • ✅ “Pagination in Address book doesn't work (macOS)”
  • ❎ “When you click next page in address book nothing happens and 2 pages are hidden please help!!!1!”

Include as much related information in issue's description as you can (the predefined template will help you with that)

For bugs:

what's happening, how to reproduce it, what OS/version are you using, what Particl Client version are you using …

  • bug - for broken functionality/UI, bad behaviour
  • feature - adding new functionality
  • enhancement - tweaks for existing features

It's usually up to Project Manager or someone from the Team to:

  • Add tags
  • Assign workers to issues
  • Assign milestones (AKA “releases”) for concrete issues – please don't assign milestones to your own issues if you're not absolutely certain, that the feature/bug must be included in certain release!