Contribute to Particl

A non-exhaustive list of how to lend a hand to Particl. Be creative and help how best you can.

A great way to contribute to the success of Particl Project is to test our software and give your input to make it even better.

If you find anything that does not work as expected or you do see a better way of providing a solution for a problem we can track these with an individual so-called “issue” on GitHub.

GitHub is the Code-Platform where the code of Particl Project is hosted. It gives you a direct connection to our developers and “issues” reported there can be transferred into tickets to the Jira software development tool which our team is using.

Benefits of using GitHub:

  • Direct access to developers
  • Automatic notification if there is a question regarding your input
  • Keep track of the progress made on “issues”
  • See which “issues” have already been raised and sorted out
  • Focused discussions regarding topics

Locations to create GitHub issues

If you are not familiar with the usage of GitHub follow this guide:

If you feel uncomfortable using GitHub as the platform to make your contributions to the Particl Project, then kindly ask within the chats if somebody is willing to create an “issue” for you.

Documentation and tutorials are great tools for both newcomers and blockchain experts. Write an article and post it here to benefit everyone in the community. Once it is approved by an admin it will get live.

So, register now and start contributing.

Translators are always needed – translate the Particl clients and/or articles in this Wiki – it's up to you.

Translating this Wiki really couldn't be easier!

  1. Select the page you would like to translate
  2. In the top menu, click the flag and select a target language
  3. Create the page (English original will be used as a “template”)
  4. After you're done translating, Save the page

Help channels

Experienced community members offer their knowledge in Help channels in our messaging clients. Go to the social media channel page to get all the required links to join one of our social media platform.

Any other skill

Are you experienced and successful in what you are doing? Do you see a possibility where you may be needed in Particl Project and, of course, are you are willing to lend a hand?

Then reach out to us via any of our social media channel and ask for more details about our Contributors private group.