Getting Started guide

This guide is for all new to Particl and/or cryptocurrencies in general. We suggest reading everything on this page, as it contains important information and safety tips.

  1. What is Particl? – Learn what it's all about
  2. Particl clients – Choose the right client to get you started
  3. Currency and Transaction types – Discover Particl's transaction types
  4. Staking – Learn all about Particl Proof-of-Stake (PPoS)
  5. FAQ – Find answers for the most frequently asked questions
  6. Social media channels – Join the discussion on one of our social media channel
  7. Infographics – Particl-related infographics. One image is worth a thousand words!

Once you feel ready to start your Particl journey, you might want to see our tutorial section we've prepared as it contains several guides designed to make the technical stuff easy.