Particl Foundation

The Particl team and advisors filed the necessary paperwork, with the assistance of a Swiss-based law firm, to establish a non-profit foundation domiciled in Switzerland.

What is the Particl Foundation?

The Particl Foundation (Particl Stiftung) is a non-profit Swiss foundation registered in Zug on July 2017 with the help of Swiss law firm MME enabling the organization and deployment of funding and logistics to ensure the safe development of the Particl project and vision. Particl Stiftung’s foundation status provides legal protection and resources to the Particl project ensuring its sustainability and compliance to current and new regulations.

What is the Particl Foundation's purpose?

The foundation and its board strictly functions as a legal entity with the mission of providing funding and support for the Particl platform. It will also ensure the continued development of the Particl project and stimulate academic, non-profit & for-profit opportunities as it relates to the enhancement and promotion of the platform. The Particl Foundation also assures the full legal compliance of the project with local and US laws.

Where is the Particl Foundation located?

The Particl Foundation is registered as a non-profit foundation (Stiftung) in Zug, Switzerland.

How does the Particl Foundation funds its operations?

The Particl Foundation’s funds come from both a token swap (1:1 for SDC:PART) and Bitcoin donation campaign that lasted from March 17th 2017 to April 15th 2017 and raised the total sum of ~590 BTC. The Foundation also holds 996,000 PARTs meant for a second donation raising campaign that is currently scheduled for Q1 2018. Particl Stiftung also has developed and implemented a self-funding mechanism on top of Particl’s proof-of-stake algorithm which rewards 10% of all block rewards to a fund controlled by the Foundation.

These funds are for meant to support and promote the Particl project by, for example, hiring more developers, initiating marketing and PR campaigns, establish global partnerships, generate community engagement, advocate for privacy and security in society and etc.