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 # General Particl Questions # General Particl Questions
-Here we accumulate questions that do not fit into the sections above. ​ 
 ### Will Particl be easy to use for the "​non-techie"​ person? ​ ### Will Particl be easy to use for the "​non-techie"​ person? ​
-Absolutely! ​If you know how to do basic tasks like write text, take pictures, send email then you'll be very comfortable using Particl. We keep all the geeky, complicated stuff in the background ​and the easy to understand interface out front.+Absolutely! ​Our goal is to make the Particl ​platform as easy and user-friendly as possible so that even your grandparents could use it and not get lost. We believe that the only way to break from the crypto geek scene and into the mainstream is by having an intuitive inteface that people like and identify with.
 ### Will multiple currencies be supported on Particl Platform? ​ ### Will multiple currencies be supported on Particl Platform? ​
-Particl Platform will be currency agnostic, meaning it will support the use of many cryptocurrencies with the intent of being an inclusive platform. The exchange mechanism incorporated into the platform will allow for the seamless transition to and from PART. +Particl Platform will be currency agnostic, meaning it will support the use of many cryptocurrencies with the intent of being an inclusive platform. The exchange mechanism incorporated into the platform will allow for the seamless transition to and from PART. Two methods will be used to make that possible: atomic swaps (decentralizedand third-party services integration like Changelly, Altcoins.io and Shapeshift. This currency-agnostic feature ​is available for the entire platform, not merely ​the marketplace.
- +
-With saying that we intend ​to have this functionality on any App (Dappthat is released on the Particl Platform. +
 ### Won't offering competing currencies lessen the value of PART?  ### Won't offering competing currencies lessen the value of PART? 
-A decentralized privacy platform focused on free markets cannot be limited by its own built-in token systemOur goal is to lower barriers ​of entry and reduce friction in online shopping, allowing for easier adoption by buyers and vendors anywhere in the world.  +NoAll non-PART transactions need to be automatically converted at the moment ​of transaction so that the Particl ​platform can make use of the CT and RingCT capabilities of the PART coin to keep users private (ALL marketplace transactions are private). That means that, even though users use other coins other than PART on the platform, all theses transactions are converted automatically for PART, therefore creating the same level of demand as if the transaction was initially made in PART.-
- +
-The Particl ​Platform ​and the Particl Currency ​PART benefits directly from the growth usage and adoption ​of other token projectsSee [[faq_part_coin#​what_gives_part_intrinsic_value|intrinsic value]]+
 ### Do I even need PART to use Particl? ​ ### Do I even need PART to use Particl? ​
-Yes, fees on Particl ​are passed on to stakers for maintaining ​the networkPART also provides near-instant transactions on the blockchain without 3rd-party encumbrance. In essence you get royalties from holding ​and staking the PART token.+Yes and no. The Particl ​platform requires PART to function, just like the Ethereum platform requires ETH as gasHowever, our platform being designed with currency agnosticism in mind, you can also use any of the accepted coin and have them automatically transfered in PART before paying any fee or using any Dapp such as the marketplace.
 ### Is Particl open source? ### Is Particl open source?
-Is there any other way?! Code will is publicly available on [[https://​github.com/​particl|Github]].+Is there any other way?! Our code is publicly available on [[https://​github.com/​particl|Github]]. 
 +### Is there a whitepaper available?
-### What does Particl ​have over Monero? ​+Yes, but only a partial one. You can read it on our [[https://​github.com/​particl/​whitepaper/​blob/​master/​decentralized-private-marketplace-draft-0.1.pdf|Github]],​ but keep in mind this is only a draft and relates entirely to the marketplace. As we are very busy coding, we haven'​t released whitepapers for most of our development such as CT, RingCT, ​Particl ​Proof-of-Stake as well as the platform in general. This should come later this year after we release the MVP of our marketplace.
-The Short answer is that Particl (PART) is a privacy ​platform ​whereas Monero (XMR) is a privacy coin.+### Will the platform ​be available on mobile?
-Detailed answer: +Yes, while we already have an [[particl-copay|Android wallet]] available, we plan on making ​separate mobile app for our platform which will include most of the [[particl-gui|Particl Desktop]] features such as the marketplace,​ messaging, currency transactions,​ voting, other Dapps, etc
-Monero is decentralised currency that is currently reliant on centralised services ​for its use. Thus in its practical implementation it is not fully decentralised and there is a central point of failure when transacting.+
-In contrast under the Particl network and client listings, transactions,​ escrow services and settlement are fully integrated and decentralised;​ this includes:+### Will the platform be accessible from the web? 
-- //Network security// : where the nodes can be obfuscated via tor integration. +Yesthere are already community members working on a web gateway for our decentralized marketplace which would make it usable from the web directly without having ​to download [[particl-gui|Particl ​Desktop]]We expect more gateways ​to appear especially as we start working ​on more Dapps in the future
-- //​Transactions security// : where the buyerseller and amount can be obfuscated yet verified by RingCT. +
-- //Seller security// : whereby ​the nature of listed items being sold can be made private and obfuscated ​to the rest of the Particl ​network and only viewable if the viewkey is disclosed (i.e. the seller discloses this via private communication ​to potential buyers). +
-- //​Communications security// : The client nodes have the capacity for sending encrypted messages between each other allowing for truly private communications between individuals ​on the Particl network. +
-- Settlement security: by providing a trustless third party free escrow service (the mutually assured destruction escrow) whereby both seller and buyer deposit a bond that can only be released when both sides agree goods/​services have been delivered as specified.+