Ambassador Pool Questions

What is the Ambassador Pool?

The Ambassador Pool is the first-ever Community Contract Pool to support an initiative. It is a cold staking pool that charges users 100% fee, meaning all the staking rewards they generate is kept by the pool. The pool then uses those rewards to fund initiatives and grow the Particl ecosystem. Community Contract Pools are, in other words, a decentralized mechanism for the community to fund its own initiatives.

The Ambassador Pool funds the Ambassador Initiative. All the staking rewards accumulated by the pool are redistributed towards this initiative. The pool doesn't keep any PART, even for maintenance cost.

For more details on the Ambassador Pool's mission, read our blog post about it:

To access and connect to the Ambassador Pool, follow this link:

What is a staking share?

A staking share represents a share of the profit made by the Ambassador Pool. As the pool redistributes the entirety of the staking rewards it collects, staking shares are used to determine how these rewards are distributed. In very simple terms, staking shares reward you with bi-weekly dividend-like payments. The more shares you own, the bigger your bi-weekly rewards.

To learn how you can start accumulating staking shares, read our blog post about the first Ambassador campaign:

How often are staking rewards paid?

Staking rewards are paid to staking shareholders every 2 weeks on Thursdays. The first payment will be executed on the 23rd of May, 2019.

How long will I keep my shares?

Staking shares do not expire and are valid for a lifetime, or until the Ambassador Initiative is shut down.

Does a lifetime staking share means I will receive staking rewards forever?

No, it simply means that it doesn't expire and is valid for as long as the Ambassador Initiative is live. The staking rewards are only generated with the help of the stakers on the Particl network. If stakers opt to not stake any coin on the Ambassador Pool anymore, you won't be receiving any staking reward as none will be generated by the pool.

Staking shares are valid for a lifetime. Staking rewards depend entirely on stakers.