Dev notes for Particl Desktop

Tips and notes for getting you up and running for Particl Desktop development in minutes

Particl Desktop is Particl's flagship client/wallet for interacting with PART network, including Particl Open Marketplace.

For latest development set up info check official repo of Particl Desktop (on market branch)
  • Node.js 6.4–7.10
  • Git
  • NPM & Yarn
git clone
cd particl-desktop
yarn install
  • run ng serve to start the dev server and keep it running
  • start Electron app: yarn run start:electron:dev -testnet --devtools
    • note: this command will auto-refresh the client on each saved change
    • -testnet – for running on testnet (omit for running the client on mainnet)
    • --devtools – automatically opens Developer Tools on client launch
    • -skipmarket – skip launching internal market process

If you're experiencing indefinite loading of Marketplace's Listings or similar issues, follow these steps – each step can fix your issue, so test again after each of them:

  • Reinstall dependencies via yarn install
  • Remove Market-related db and files – Market updates in development sometimes cause incompatible changes to db – remove all Market files at ~/.particl-market and relaunch the client (keep in mind this will remove all your Market-related data as Listings, Orders etc.)
  • Reindex blockchain – relaunch Particl Desktop with -reindex flag
  • Force reinstall dependencies
    • remove the whole node_modules/ folder
    • install dependencies by running yarn install again