Connect to a Community Contract Pool and Start Supporting Initiatives

Community Contract Pools allow you to allocate a portion of your staking rewards to fund specific initiatives and missions. They help support and grow the Particl ecosystem by providing a decentralized and entirely democratic funding mechanism. Anyone can start a Community Contract Pool, and anyone can start supporting one in less than 2 minutes.

For more information about Community Contract Pools, please visit our post available on our blog:

Before starting the setup process, make sure you have:

Although multi-wallets aren't supported on mainnet yet, you can still connect to a Community Contract Pool. Just keep in mind these pools charge 100% fees.

  1. Visit the Community Contract Pool list available here.
  2. Click on the Community Contract Pool you want to support with your staking rewards.
  3. On the pool's website, locate its address (usually referred to as MAINNET POOL ADDRESS).
  4. On Particl Desktop, create a brand new wallet by clicking the + icon on the left bar of the client
  5. Go through the wallet creation process. Save your new seed somewhere safe.
  6. Encrypt your wallet
  7. Send the amount of coins corresponding to how much you want to fund the initative proposed by the pool. For example, if you want to fund the initative by donating 10% of your staking rewards, you would have to transfer 10% of your coins into this new wallet.
  8. Zap your funds to instantly start contributing to the initiative by clicking on the Zap button in the Cold Staking widget.