Connect to a Cold Staking Pool

Staking pools are to Proof-of-Stake coins what mining pools are to Proof-of-Work coins (i.e. Bitcoin). As Wikipedia puts it:

In the context of cryptocurrency mining, a mining pool is the pooling of resources by miners, who share their processing power over a network, to split the reward equally, according to the amount of work they contributed to the probability of finding a block.

In fact, cold staking pools allow you to “team up” with other stakers and combine your staking powers in order to earn more frequent staking rewards. All rewards earned while staking from a pool are sent over to the pool operator, which then executes payouts proportional to how much you've contributed to the total amount of rewards the pool earned.

The reason Particl's staking pools are called cold staking pools is that they operate in the same way cold staking does. Cold staking allows you to delegate your staking powers to a cold staking node which can then stake on your behalf, but without being able to spend your coins. In other words, cold staking allows you to stake coins stored offline without giving the node operator access to your coins (usually, the operator is the same user as the coins being staked, although not obligatory).

Particl Desktop

  1. Open Particl Desktop
  2. On Overview page, click on the + button of the cold staking widget
  3. Paste the cold staking pool address of the cold staking pool you want to cold stake from
  4. Click Enable cold staking button to confirm

Particl Core (Qt)

  1. Open Particl Core
  2. Go to File > Staking Setup
  3. Paste the pool’s address into the Cold staking change address field and click Apply

Now What?

With this setup, each time a bunch of your coins stake, they will get “moved” to the Pool and start staking with it. This is the best way to transition to staking on a pool, especially if you are privacy-conscious.

This is, however, not ideal when you have a small number of coins, as that would take ages for them to stake by themselves. For these cases, there’s “zapping”.

While “zapping” is certainly useful for smaller amounts of coins (> 1,000), keep in mind that it sends all your coins to the pool in 1 single transaction, which is not ideal from a privacy point of view.

It will also result in a loss of “staking efficiency”. Indeed, Particl automatically organizes your outputs over time to get the most efficient staking setup. “Zapping” will make it start that process, which can last for several weeks, from scratch.

Particl Desktop

  1. Click on the Zap button on the cold staking widget
  2. Click on Zap to 100% to initiate the “zapping” process

Particl Core (Qt)

Enable Coin Control

  1. Settings > Options…
  2. In the Wallet tab, check “Enable coin control features”
  3. Confirm by clicking OK

Generate a new Receiving address and copy it into your clipboard

  1. Receive > click Request payment
  2. Copy the generated address into your clipboard

Send some small amount to your newly generated address using all available inputs

  1. Send > under Coin Control Features click on Inputs…
  2. Check all available inputs (you can click the (un)select all button) and confirm with OK
  3. Copy your new address to the Pay to field
  4. Set the transaction amount to some small value (like 0.01 PART)
  5. Click Send