How to Automatically Send Your Staking Rewards to a Bittrex Account

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of setting a Bittrex address as a default address to receive your staking rewards. That means everytime you will earn a staking reward, it will be automatically sent to your Bittrex address, making your coins ready to trade as soon as they are confirmed.

Thanks to our great community member Ben for putting this tutorial together!

Before starting the setup process, make sure you have:

  • An active cold staking node connected to the Particl blockchain and fully synced
  • A Bittrex account
  1. Log in to your Bittrex account and copy the provided PART deposit address
  2. Access your staking node from a terminal and enter these commands:
cd particlcore
./particl-cli getnewaddress
cd partyman
./partyman stakingnode rewardaddress <Your previously generated address here>
cd particlcore
nohup bash -c 'while true;do ./particl-cli sendtoaddress <Your Bittrex Address here> 1; sleep 3600; done'
  • nohup – executes the command in the background, allowing you to exit your staking node's VPS or RPi and still have the command be automatically executed'
  • bash -c – indicates the following command will be a bash command
  • while true;do – indicates a withdrawal attempt is executed every X seconds (in our case, 3,600 seconds)
  • ./particl-cli sendtoaddress “Your Bittrex Address here” 1; – Indicates the script should attempt to withdraw X 1 coin every hour (the number of coins withdrawn can be customized to your needs)
  • sleep 3600; – indicates the command should be automatically executed once every 3,600 seconds (or 1 hour)
  • done – indicates the end of the bash command

When sending a staking reward to a certain address, the transaction has different attributes than a regular transaction. Moreover, Bittrex has set up its addresses to only recognize regular transactions. As such, it is necessary to create an additional hoop in the process so that the final transaction headed towards Bittrex is a regular transaction.

If you inadvertently sent a staking reward directly to a Bittrex address, you can always contact their support team and they should still be able to help you.