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The last few years on the internet have been disastrous for the users when it comes to data. Centralized services and platforms collect personal data and analyzes, stores, connects and sells it to anyone. Time and time again, this practice has proven risky, especially as we’ve seen various examples of data abuse, hacks, or theft, regular occurrences that have left people wondering whether big tech companies should be trusted with the handling of personal data at all. As a general rule of thumb, on a long enough timeline, you should assume any piece of data handed over to a company will eventually be used or shared to a party without your consent.

There is a profound need for privacy, especially in politically difficult regions. Particl has as one of its core mission to re-establish the balance and control of privacy and security back to the user and do away with trusting centralized platforms that have proven time and time again to be untrustworthy with our personal data.

Particl is an independent and democratic economy supported by a privacy-focused open-source platform built on blockchain technology and designed to work with almost any cryptocurrency.

Particl is currently composed of three main components

Particl Platform

Decentralized Applications Meet Privacy


The Swiss-Army Knife of Cryptocurrencies

Particl Marketplace

Unlock the Full Potential of Global eCommerce

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Covering the basics for newcomers – from first install to securing your funds.

Technical Docs

Detailed resources and advanced documentation.


Stuck or something broke? Get help for known issues here.