Accepting PART payments for Merchants

Besides selling directly on Particl Open Marketplace, it is very easy to accept PART payments in your current shop as well

Accepting Particl (and many other cryptocurrencies) gives you – as a Seller – many advantages over traditional fiat payment systems:

  • No chargebacks – all cryptocurrency transactions are final, no chargebacks are possible
  • Complete control – you are the only owner of the private keys to your wallet, no one can freeze your account or shut it down
If further security and financial privacy are important to your and your business, see our Particl Open Marketplace, which was developed with exactly those in mind.

Easiest way to accept PART in your physical store is via Particl Copay mobile/desktop wallet.

Main advantages of using Particl Copay:

  • Fast & mobile
  • Completely free – no registration needed, no payment processing fees, no monthly fees
  • Multi-currency wallet – supports both Particl (PART) and Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Fiat conversion rates
    • so you can charge buyers in your local currency, which gets translated to corresponding PART/BTC prices
    • also useful for taxing purposes
  • Multiple wallets – you can separate sales into different wallets, as needed and on-the-fly
  • Transaction labeling – add custom notes/labels to transactions if needed